Binary Options Trading Signals Review

Binary Options Trading Signals specialise in providing buy and sell trading signals to traders on the most common currency pairs available. These signals can apply to three groups of traders depending on the amount of time that they spend trading and also how often they will have access to the binary options trading signals website. These groups of signals can be for intraday traders (six trades peach day), daily traders (one trade each day) or weekly traders (one trade each week). The choice of which signals the trader wants to receive is entirely up to the individual and their style of trading. Many traders will find that the determining factor in deciding which signals to take will be how often a they can access the 24-hour online signals website.

As with all trading signals it is important that the trader can access their trading platforms soon after receiving the trading signals, as this will often be the optimum entry time. Once the trader has decided which signal group will suit their access and style of trading, Binary Options Trading Signals work hard to try to find the most profitable trades using a series of complex PC algorithms to scan the markets. The sheer amount of historical data that the system uses to predict trades requires that it operates on its own separate servers with the company, then uses the data that it collects to inform their future trading signals. Unlike many trading signal companies who charge per signal, Binary Options Trading Signals simply request a one-off fee for their services.

Binary Options Trading Signals Advantages

  • A one-off fee means that there will be no repeat charging and traders can use the service as many times as they want.
  • The signals show reliable opportunities for traders to make money buying and selling currency pairs.
  • The system provides signals for all popular currency pairs.
  • It offers the flexibility to choose from three different signals depending on the trader’s available time.
  • The choice of which signals the trader wants to receive will depend on how often they want to trade but also whether they can access a computer soon after receiving the signal.
  • The system is available 24/7 via the website and can provide trading opportunities throughout the day and night for traders to make profits.
  • The signals are simple and straightforward, letting the computer do the work whilst the traders simply need to enter the trade.
  • Central to the system is the use of a huge amount of historical data to help predict future price movements accurately.
  • Complex mathematic algorithms are used, which prevents human emotion becoming involved in any trading signals generated by the system.
  • Just $1 can be the amount to begin trading with, and the system allows for this to steadily grow.
  • Of all the binary options signals companies, these signals have been reviewed very highly and it seems that many people are earning a sound income from their reliable trading signals.


  • Binary Options Trading Signals requires an investment in the service in order to reap the rewards of its signals. This may not suit everyone, especially beginners who may find money management difficult initially.
  • The intraday signals can be time consuming and require traders to be available to trade several times per day.
  • For those who like to trade minor or exotic currency pairs, these are not yet covered by Binary Options Trading Signals.
  • Traders do not benefit from a fixed work salary and choosing to trade signals is similar to becoming self-employed, which may not suit everyone.
  • The refund period is only officially 60 days. However, if the trader is not pleased with the product then a refund will be given.
  • Trading through the night using the signals will mean that, whilst money can be made, there will not be any customer support available.
  • Binary options trading requires a bit of dedication in order to understand the jargon and how currencies operate. This requires a small investment of time in order to become successful.
  • If you enjoy hard work, then trading binary options signals may not be the job for you as the idea is that the computer program makes the decisions for you. Workaholics may be better trading more manual trading systems.
  • Binary Options Trading Signals do not work each and every time and do not claim to either. As with all trading, Binary Options Trading Signals are not correct every time and occasionally losses can occur.

Customer Reviews

Looking at the current web reviews for Binary Options Trading Signals there are surprisingly very few negative comments regarding the quality of the service that they provide. Positive testimonials were much more frequent and we have posted two below:

“…the trail membership was fairly cheap at $97 compared to many other one-off fee signal providers and this gave us access to all of the signals that we needed. We decided to try the software, using the intraday service, and have been really pleased with the results so far. One piece of advice, which will help future traders using these signals to be profitable quickly, is to sign up to the test membership and try out the signals that they provide on a demo account. They say that all traders are different so once you see that you can make money trading on a demo account, move on to the real thing to enjoy a slice of the fabulous $2.5 trillion dollar pie!”

“The signals that Binary Options Trading Signals provides are not only reliable, but they offer a very professional service including help via live chat. Although I haven’t needed to use this yet, they are clearly online most office hours. This is certainly a trading signals provider that I would recommend researching as it seems to be working well for me at the moment and has good reviews on Forex Robot Nation.”


The opportunity to work from home is an ambition of almost everybody and this system genuinely appears to offer this to its users. Not only are its signals reliable and working to generate profits for many of its users but its web-based interface means that people can trade anywhere they want. Whether it is abroad, on holiday in a café or on the bus, the freedom that a good trading signals system gives you is great for the client’s lifestyle as well as their finances.

The complex mathematical algorithms that Binary Options Trading Signals offer are clearly benefitting a lot of traders. They generate signals to buy and sell currency pairs and provide these recommendations to their clients. With the huge industry that currency trading offers, individuals can open an account and begin trading with as little as $1, using this to build up to a substantial account in relatively little time. As those reading this review can see, the system has both pros and cons although the positive aspects, including many other web reviews, seem to outweigh the negative. One of the great tings about trading a signal service that really works is that it requires absolutely no previous experience or knowledge of currency trading. Simply a basic tour of the trading platform will have a trader entering and exiting trades in a short period of time. With a solid refund guarantee and a decent trial period it seems that Binary Options Trading Signals are certainly worth using if making money trading currencies with minimal hassle is your goal.