How To Begin

Many people wonder how it is possible to make money from the comfort of their own home with just a laptop and an internet connection. The answer to this question can be found by learning how to trade binary options using the best brokers available. Our recommended partner sites below provide the leading binary options accounts and are completely download-free!

Our partners provide account managers to all new accounts and they will help you to open and begin trading either via the telephone or through an online live chat service. By opening a new account you are taking the first steps to achieving trading profits. Carefully follow the instructions below and you’ll find the system works perfectly.

Step one: Choose an exceptional binary options broker.

Choosing the right binary options broker is very important to your success. By only choosing the best, approved brokers you are increasing your chances of success. The brokers that we recommend below are reliable and we have developed a great working relationship to apply our system to their platforms. Choosing these brokers will ultimately minimize your exposure to risk.

#1 Editors’ Choice – Highest ProfitsThe best choice for beginners!

Straightforward trading platform, speedy registration and rapid payments!

Minimum amount to begin: $200

Trading minimum: $10 per trade

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markets, and get paid very quickly.

Straightforward trading platform, speedy registration and rapid payments!

Minimum amount to begin: $200

Trading minimum: $5 per trade

Step two: Money and risk management is very important.

Our target is to have you making $10,000 per month. The only ways that we can achieve this is by removing the risk of you losing money and maximizing the chances of generating profits. This not only means that it is not about gambling or luck, but rather the system is a controlled management of probabilities and risk that all successful traders apply to hit their earnings targets.

Your goal is to be making between 75% and 94% profit for each period of fifteen minutes that you’re trading. This gives an average of 81% based on our highly successful and proven method described below. This means that if you want to begin by trading small amounts such as $10 trades, you are likely to be making $8 every 15 minutes, which comes out to $32 per hour. Not bad for a first job with very little risk involved. Larger trades will obviously be more rewarding with $20 trades making $64 per hour and the potential for several hundred dollars per day. By simply following the formula below this can be achieved:

Once you have opened one of the accounts recommended above it is very simple to deposit an affordable sum of money to begin trading. This does not have to be huge and as little as $50 to $100 is an excellent amount to begin making money with. The two brokers above will also provide you with a great free money bonus following your deposit, which will add even more money to your account. This bonus cash is great for beginning to trade absolutely risk-free and you will learn how to follow our step-by-step method of trading your way to financial freedom.

Our philosophy is all about no risk and high gains! Following our methodology guarantees positive and profitable results each and every time you trade!

Step three: Trends are your friends and can be used to generate huge profits.

See these three examples and watch how easy it is to find the opportunities to place the “put” (when price is falling) and the “call” (when price is rising) trades to make money.

An Absolute Money-Maker!

Look at this chart which is literally a goldmine of opportunity. As you can see the price is moving up in a long, strong trend. This is one of the most obvious charts for anyone to look at and think that price is only heading in one direction and provides a great opportunity for a high-probability 81% profit.

The clear signal here is for a “call” trade to be placed. The key to this chart is to enter before the trend ends and, as you can see, placing a trade anywhere on this chart would have resulted in a positive result and an easy profit.

The Most Obvious Trades Are The Most Profitable!

This chart shows a very clear downtrend and a really excellent opportunity to make an average profit of 81% many times over.

The strength of the trade here means that almost all trades would be successful.

Days when the market trends like this are great opportunities for binary options traders to make vast amounts of money. They can be traded multiple times for multiple profits.

What About If There Doesn’t Seem To Be A Trend?

One word of advice here is to steer clear of markets with no trend. This is where probability is replaced with large risk and the possibility of losses. Although it is possible to be lucky and make money here, there are so many clearer and more reliable set-ups available out there.

Hint: Some traders use forex signals generated through software programs to tell them when to enter in these markets. These forex signal generators can be reasonably inexpensive and reliable. Good signal generators will be able to make you profitable even when no trend is available in the market. One place to see these is at Binary Options Trading Signals .


Spotting Opportunities Using Channels, Trends And Arrows.

All brokers, including those above, provide free software for drawing directly onto your charts. These drawing will be better than those here, but this gives you an idea about how to find the best and most profitable entry points.

Channels are made by the low (blue arrows) and high (red arrows) points of a trend. These can be used by choosing to trade with the upward trend when price moves towards the lower channel. Placing a “call” trade here gives you a good opportunity for profits.

These channel patterns occur on all charts each and every day. Try drawing these onto your charts and unlock their money-making potential.

Helpful advice: Dropping down timeframes can sometimes help to spot good trading opportunities. If no trends exist on the 5-minute chart, try looking for trading opportunities on the 1-minute charts, which may help you spot these opportunities.

Let’s be clear: Trading every day for between 1 and 3 hours will make you be able to spot these opportunities very quickly. You will begin to look at price charts and make trading decisions like a pro in no time at all.

Searching through a number of charts provided by your broker will allow you to quickly and easily spot great trades. Very soon you will be able to glance at a chart and immediately be able to spot money-making potential.

Step four: We want to be making money CONSTANTLY!!!

What are the odds I’ll win?

Our aim is to reduce your risks of losing money to zero, or as near zero as possible. All speculation contains risk but our step-by-step guide will show you how to master a PROVEN system that will offer you the opportunity to trade successfully.

When you begin to trade successfully and consistently with this system, try increasing the size of your trades and watch the profits increase.

Learn how to trade the system !

First step » Probability of winning: 67.4%!

Select a market from the hundreds available that has a strong sign of a trend. Up or down, either direction, can give you great opportunities for profits.

  • Enter $10, or whatever stake you wish to place, in the box and click “call” or “put” depending on the direction of the trend.
  • Click on the box labeled “TRADE.”

The key to success here is to wait for 15 minutes for the highest probability of success. This is really central to the system. Once this cycle has ended you will see that you have a winning average profit of 81% from most of your trades. On a small stake this will be $8 per trade, but we aim to get you trading $100, which will give you $81 per trade or $324 per hour!

If your trade wins, go back to the first step.
If your trade loses, don’t worry and continue to the second step.

Second step » Probability of winning: 79.1%!

Continue with the exact same market or stock as the first step, only this time notice how your chances of success have improved! Despite having made a losing trade, stay with the same market as in the first step; your chances of success are still very high.

  • Enter $26 in to the box and click “put” (down) or “call” (up) depending on what the trend is telling you to do.
  • Set the amount ($26) in the space reserved for investment.
  • Click the button labeled “TRADE.”

Again, wait for the cycle to end! This is very important and should be the same as in the first step. Your chances of winning are very high and a winning trade will have a profit of 81%. This means that you will cover your losses from the first step with a win and make a profit!

If you win, return to the first step. If you lose again, don’t despair and move on to the third step.

Third step » Probability of winning: 98.9%!

Just look how high the probability of winning is now! As long as you trade the same stock or market as you did in the second step, the odds are very much in your favor.

  • With such high probability you can enter $65 in the investment box and click “call” (up) or “put” (down) depending on the trend.
  • Set the decided amount of money ($65) in the space reserved for investment.
  • Click the button labeled “TRADE.”

Again, wait for 15 minutes for the complete cycle to end and to make sure that the probability of winning is as high as possible! With a 98.9% probability of winning and a profit of 81% on average, a successful trade in this third step with just a $10 investment in the first step would now have covered your previous losses and given you a profit of $52!

When you win, begin again with the first step.
The chance that you’ll lose your trade here is a mere 1.1%, which is pretty much not going to happen.